Saturday, October 15th, 2016 02:52 pm
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I am getting used to Autumn being a thing, now that it's in full force and the trees are looking so nice. But I still miss summer, and my new must-watch The Last Leg isn't really helping here, although I plan to keep watching - I think it's on until Christmas.

Am writing this part-way through my breakfast - woke up a bit later than usual and in the mood to get things done, so did my ironing, followed by handweights and then sorting the weeds along the side of the house. Remaining task for the day is to top up the queue on my Street View blog.

Work is going OK I think. Am getting involved in webinars - have done my first one as housekeeper but haven't listened back to it yet, my line manager (who was the presenter) made a comment that once I've done a few I won't be rustling papers so much, so while I'm pleased to get the first one done, I'm not looking forward to listening back to it. It was a bit nerve-wracking but I enjoyed it, I need to see when I can do another.
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Tonight we had a good evening out from work, and then I had things to do when I got back. Glad to be back, but the stuff to do was meh.
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It started snowing when I was driving home. Hopefully it won't amount to anything major, but it's supposed to stay cold for a good while yet. I'll be glad when winter is over.
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I have accomplished many grown-up things over the past week or so. Such as (in an entirely random order):

  • Banished Norton from my laptop as it kept blocking stuff from the Internet and wouldn't let me fix it. Begone!

  • Last weekend I assisted Dad in fixing the light and the plug socket in the shed. Tonight I mowed the lawn (delayed from Wednesday) with the lawnmower plugged into the socket in the shed

  • I have bought furniture! The sofa will be delivered "within eight weeks", the chairs I bought home today and assembled myself

  • I've also bought a Spiderman cup, plate and dish for my niece to use when she's here. Sssh, she doesn't know yet :)

  • I bought More Fool Me on Monday and read it all on Monday night. Good to read the full stories of a few anecdotes I last heard many years ago, and there are several photos of Hugh Laurie's eldest son as an adorable tiny tot. And I was honestly not aware that (cut for spoiler) ). I did know about Stephen Fry's drug use, it's funny how the Daily Mail are frothing about it now, I think back when it was first revealed they were still too preoccupied trying to work out how he could be both gay and celibate

  • I have become a good and diligent(ish) Doctor Who viewer. Still cannot see Peter Capaldi's Doctor and not think of House. And worked out that Mr Squaddie-turned-Teacher was Fingers in Gavin & Stacey

  • I have bought, and used, Pledge spray to clean my wood so that it is nice and shiny and woody

  • I have also researched for, and bought, a microwave oven. Used it once properly so far

  • The third househunter in our team and his partner now have the keys to their house. I'm really pleased that there were several of us moving house in the same season, the conversations have been fun. Consequently there are long discussions in our office about decorating, furniture etc alongside the usual conversations about work, Doctor Who, and Peppa Pig.

    And hurrah for new QI! First ep lineup looks good, second ep less so.