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Earlier today I bit the bullet and deleted my LJ. I'd got everything backed up, and had tested a few communities and found I can still access icon creation journals without an LJ. Now I'm here on DW and have changed my layout design, but can't help feeling they're a bit meh compared to some of the really nice ones they had on LJ. I think this one is quite summery and very different from my previous layout, so hopefully I can keep this for a while and from all the new people coming to DW there will be someone who's a whizz at creating lovely layouts.

In other news I have watched The Night Manager all the way through twice since last weekend and would now like to watch Rev again, which I haven't seen for ages. And happy to report that Thomas Pesquet has landed safely back to Earth, meaning all the ESA class of 2009 (the Shenanigans) have now completed their first space missions.


Friday, March 25th, 2016 05:54 pm
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Yes, I am still here, although I am more frequently found on the Wii Fit these days. And I'm still using Facebook like a proper Facebooky person. But as my last post was about Tim Peake and he's now more than halfway through his mission, I thought I'd better get back on here again so that the post on his EVA wouldn't then be directly followed by an end-of-mission post.

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Have also been enjoying The Night Manager, even though I doubt I'd have tuned in if Hugh Laurie wasn't in it. Spy dramas, no matter how brilliantly done, aren't my thing. But it's so good to see Hugh playing a properly evil baddie. And Olivia Coleman is awesome as always.
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I have accomplished many grown-up things over the past week or so. Such as (in an entirely random order):

  • Banished Norton from my laptop as it kept blocking stuff from the Internet and wouldn't let me fix it. Begone!

  • Last weekend I assisted Dad in fixing the light and the plug socket in the shed. Tonight I mowed the lawn (delayed from Wednesday) with the lawnmower plugged into the socket in the shed

  • I have bought furniture! The sofa will be delivered "within eight weeks", the chairs I bought home today and assembled myself

  • I've also bought a Spiderman cup, plate and dish for my niece to use when she's here. Sssh, she doesn't know yet :)

  • I bought More Fool Me on Monday and read it all on Monday night. Good to read the full stories of a few anecdotes I last heard many years ago, and there are several photos of Hugh Laurie's eldest son as an adorable tiny tot. And I was honestly not aware that (cut for spoiler) ). I did know about Stephen Fry's drug use, it's funny how the Daily Mail are frothing about it now, I think back when it was first revealed they were still too preoccupied trying to work out how he could be both gay and celibate

  • I have become a good and diligent(ish) Doctor Who viewer. Still cannot see Peter Capaldi's Doctor and not think of House. And worked out that Mr Squaddie-turned-Teacher was Fingers in Gavin & Stacey

  • I have bought, and used, Pledge spray to clean my wood so that it is nice and shiny and woody

  • I have also researched for, and bought, a microwave oven. Used it once properly so far

  • The third househunter in our team and his partner now have the keys to their house. I'm really pleased that there were several of us moving house in the same season, the conversations have been fun. Consequently there are long discussions in our office about decorating, furniture etc alongside the usual conversations about work, Doctor Who, and Peppa Pig.

    And hurrah for new QI! First ep lineup looks good, second ep less so.
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I'd spent most of the runup to last night thinking my tickets were for seats right at the side of the circle, when they were actually for the circly bit of the circle. Birmingham Symphony Hall is fantastic, it's big and intimate at the same time, but their online seating plan isn't great.

A fabulous evening of music )
It was a fabulous evening - also a first glimpse at the refurbed bits of Birmingham New Street Station, but with the old cruddy bits of platform still sadly evident - in contrast to BSH, they're cavernous and claustrophobic at the same time. We got the earliest of our possible trains home but got a slow ride thanks to a faulty signal. And I then had a succession of songs from the evening in my head, which hasn't finished yet.
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The finale of House MD was the main item amongst the featured programmes for last Thursday in last week's Radio Times.

Click for fullsize
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Happy 52nd Birthday to Hugh Laurie! ♥ ♥ ♥


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Happy birthday Hugh xx |]-~

I Saw Hugh!!!

Friday, May 6th, 2011 11:09 pm
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I saw Hugh Laurie live tonight!!!!!!!!!!

OMG it's my Hugh Laurie flail flail flail )

So it was a wonderful evening which I'll never forget, one I will keep telling myself "Yes, you were really there, you really did see Hugh Laurie live".


Friday, May 6th, 2011 02:56 pm
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It's about four hours until I leave to collect my friend for our visit to the Arts Centre to see Hugh Laurie live. She's currently in Derby, waiting in for the Gas Guy to sign things off at the house she's selling there, and she texted to say he's said he's on his way. I then phoned her to check what else happens, how long it takes to get back from Derby, etc but really cos I'm getting nervous here and need someone to calm me down. I've ironed my outfit for tonight, have found a suitable lipstick (I can find every other lipstick I own apart from the one I actually wanted) and have picked out my earrings. I know my friend is as reliable as they come, she will text me when she gets home, so if all goes to plan we should be OK. But I'm here a bundle of nerves and will be until she texts to say she's home. And at some point I will need to eat, perhaps in an hour or so, I have some quiche. I have packed my shoulderbag - including my autograph book, just in case - I've heard he's good at the stage door autographs thing but because this isn't a conventional theatre I don't know how that will play out. We shall see.
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I have a rotten cold in advanced development. I woke up to it yesterday, it was caught from my mother. It's one of those colds which can't decide whether it's going to have coughing, nasal "fun", a sore throat or aching ribs as its main feature. Whatever it is, I hope it's over & done with pretty sharpish because I don't want it spoiling my enjoyment of Friday night. And I want it to let me get a decent night's sleep across the week.


Friday, April 29th, 2011 06:33 pm
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Boo. APU heater problem means a launch scrub, minimum 72 hours turnaround. They'd better not try for a launch next Friday, have told them about my Hugh Laurie tickets - after all, I've been waiting for this theatre visit since before Endeavour was born so I think it's right to prioritise.

So no launch coverage, and no TV shows on, ie no bank holiday programming now that I missed Wallace & Gromit earlier. BBC News still kissing various Union Jack arses covering old ladies having street parties. And I asked a question without being yelled at, I asked if Kate whateverhernameis is in the RAF, Dad said no, she's unemployed, so I guess that's confused the Daily Mail, they probably don't know whether to kiss her arse or call her a lazy dole scrounger.

Spending Spree

Saturday, April 9th, 2011 08:13 pm
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I went into town today, a couple of specific purchases which I couldn't find elsewhere. I wanted to buy something nice to wear when I go to see Hugh Laurie, and I don't really have anything apart from work stuff. Given that A, my friend from work who's coming with me, is tall and thin and slinky and looks fantastic in absolutely anything, I need something a bit good. I went to Debenhams, spent my Christmas giftcard and another £75 on a Betty Jackson Black maxi-dress and a layered top. More than I'd usually think of spending, but better quality than the cheaper stuff I tried on. Now I need to find some black low-heeled sandals and a silver necklace to wear with the dress. I also went to M&S and bought a Paddington Bear for Bean for Easter, as no-one had any nice chicks or bunnies - only scruffy sad-looking bunnies or sinister-beaked chicks.

Mum & Dad are watching Mamma Mia right now, it's on ITV - Dad's quite enjoying it, given that last year he had a big rant about its existence, saying why don't people just listen to an ABBA CD instead. I think it helps that Julie Walters is in the film. Speaking of whom, I'm working through my new DVDs and have currently arrived at Wood & Walters, which is fun, a bit of a strange experience sometimes as it's thirty years old, so some of the references and styles require a bit of casting one's mind back.

Now I have a Cadburys Easter Egg shell. Sainsburys are selling milk chocolate Cadburys shells, just foil, no fancy boxes or additionals, for £1 each. Delish.

Birthday Day

Monday, March 28th, 2011 09:50 pm
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So now I am another year older, which is meh. But have had a nice day today, my last day of leave from work. Had some nice smelling toiletries and lots of Amazon giftcards, and my sister & niece visited this afternoon for birthday cake. My friends and their boys visited this evening.

And this morning, I managed to book tickets to see Hugh Laurie at the Arts Centre! sfjsklafsjfklsajfkslajflkasjflasflsakfjsaklfj ZOMG Yay. I have to collect them from the Box Office tomrrow, no problem, but a bit of to-ing & fro-ing because they've decided to rake it in with car parking charges and have moved the free parking time to start at 6pm rather than 4pm, and extended it to all year round rather than just term time. So, it'll be a trip to Sainsburys, then back to the University to collect the tickets. Still haven't heard from my friend who was on about coming with me, but that's likely to be me having given my number wrongly to her. If she says no, I have a few other people in mind to ask. But given that the Arts Centre website now has a 'tickets selling fast' thing on that page, it's a good job I did book them early. Altho oddly he's at the theatre, rather than the hall, which is where most music performances are, and the biggest venue. However, all the seating in the theatre is tiered whereas in the hall the stalls are level, cos they use it for exams and all sorts of performances. The seats I got are on the side, but nearest the aisle, so should be an OK view.
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Had a bizarre dream this morning featuring astronaut Ron Garan (@Astro_Ron on Twitter), who kept popping up at regular intervals within the dream. Other roles in the dream were played by various people from work, Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, and astronaut Sunita Williams.

Food was also a theme. Let me explain. )

So, I had to get all of that down before breakfast, so I am now rather hungry. And I must think about kettlebells some time today. I cannot let good intentions slide.
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Happy birthday Hugh xx


Monday, April 5th, 2010 01:15 pm
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Day 95 Discovery is in orbit! Liftoff was at 11.21am my time. All went well. So cool to see the shuttle fly into sunlight.


I had planned to be up & ready, breakfasted etc, for the launch but I ended up sleeping in because the dog down the street was barking until 2am so that killed my chances of getting to sleep on schedule. I woke up about 10.45am instead, having endured another one of its barking sessions (around 8am, so not really an issue on a workday, but given this is a bank holiday and it had been up till 2am yapping, not good).

I've started collating the various highlights from Comic Relief shows for preservation, have done 1988 and 1989 so far, but I don't think I have a full version of The New Statesman. Not converting the Blackadder ep because that's already everywhere, ie the boxed set. I have the stage show (from 1986) somewhere too, they put it on really late at the end of one of the Red Nose Days, this was just after Gary Glitter got sentenced and they left his part in, which I thought was odd.

Another thing I found recently was some old TV adverts, some on TV-Ark and some on YouTube. Found a mid-1980s British Gas ad among a collection, and the gas fitter looks like Kenneth Branagh. Also found an Angel Delight ad with voiceover by Hugh Laurie. It makes me want to have Angel Delight again - we used to make it into ice lollies.

It's January

Thursday, January 7th, 2010 06:35 pm
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Day 7 Yes, it's January, and I have a new House calendar. Have some hotness to warm up with:

House Calendar Jan10

And congratulations to Hugh Laurie and House for their stunning successes at the People's Choice Awards yesterday \o/ \o/
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You may recall my mentioning recently in my LJ about a Christmas surprise I was planning on springing on you at some point before the festivities. The waiting is over - I wanted to get this done before Christmas so that anyone spending Christmas away from the Internet (not me, too scary) would have the chance to download these before going LOS.

'These' are five bundles of articles from various news sources in the UK and North America, which I gathered together earlier this year from my newly-discovered sources (thank you, University!). There's a bundle each for Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Fry & Laurie (ie a separate bundle for the two of them together), Robert Sean Leonard, and John Sessions. All the bundles are zipped up in .ZIP files, and the individual articles are in PDFs, with a couple of JPGs in the Hugh Laurie bundle.

The articles vary in length from a single paragraph to several pages, and are a mix of reviews, interviews, profiles and a few brief mentions. There are a few reviews where the writer wasn't too impressed with the overall product, or some major aspect of it, but showers praise on the bundle-subject. Also, these articles tend to be the whole article as published at the time, so you may have to scroll down or flip through to another page to find the review of the TV show or play featuring our bundle-subject.

You may have seen some of these before, in particular the recent items, but they go back a long way. For example, there's a couple of reports covering Hugh's rowing career (he's referred to as 'James Laurie' in some texts, the reporters logically assuming his first firstname is the one he uses), and there's a few about a young teenage actor from Ridgewood, NJ called Robert Leonard.

I hope you like them. These are all on Sendspace, if anyone has problems with Sendspace, let me know of a host you don't have problems with and I'll re-upload.

  • Fry & Laurie - 1.03MB, 12 files Download

  • Hugh Laurie - 8.27MB, 105 files Download

  • John Sessions - 2.13MB, 19 files Download

  • Robert Sean Leonard - 2.24MB, 32 files Download

  • Stephen Fry - 5.08MB, 41 files Download

If you missed my posting a couple of Christmases ago of extracts from my Fry & Laurie scrapbook, you can see the articles here. This is a real scrapbook of articles I started collecting in the mid-1980s in a ringbinder, scanned for your viewing pleasure. Happy Christmas!
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Apparently in 2003 Clive Anderson hosted a comedic/light entertainment show called "God Almighty", where persons are invitied to discuss how they would change the world if they were God. It was shown on Five, which is why I'd never heard of it until yesterday when I was looking at stuff on YouTube and found that Hugh Laurie had been one of the guests. It appears to be one of those shows which stand or fall on having good guests, so of course Hugh's edition is very entertaining.

In three parts (approx 25min total), behind the cut )
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After having my account for a couple of years without uploading anything, it finally occurred to me to upload this for everyone's viewing pleasure:

It's got Hugh Laurie as a tag, so it will come up in search results when you search for Hugh's stuff. I was playing around on YouTube last night, downloading some really old adverts Hugh was in when he was a babyfaced twentysomething, I also found that he'd been the guest on a show called God Almighty, which seems to be of a similar format to Room 101, hosted by Clive Anderson and it's about what you would do if you were God. From 2003 apparently but I've never heard of it before.

A Celebration

Thursday, June 11th, 2009 11:08 pm
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Today is Hugh Laurie's 50th birthday! Many congratulations to the blue-eyed one.

Let us celebrate by enjoying some of Hugh's awesomeness:

More.... )