Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 06:21 pm
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I did a bit of studying this morning, feel like I'm being pulled back into Uni work, it's a bit less intellectually demanding than last year's course (ie because I've done last year's course) & there's an assumption that the course is the first OU course for many people. This is all the theoretical stuff about air pressure and changes to air pressure and the results - ie wind and clouds. Next chapter is more in-depth on clouds.

Mother & Father are buying a new car, one that's car-shaped rather than Chelsea Tractor-shaped. Dad says it's got lots of gadgets on that he has no idea what for or will probably not use, such as an MP3 player. Their current car came with a picnic table folded up in the base of the boot, which is not something you need to be a geek for.

They were out at the dealership for much of the afternoon, so I set up the Wii in the lounge on the big TV (disadvantage: it's about half a metre closer to the floor than any other TV in the house, takes some getting used to with the Wii) to play Sports Resort. When they came home, I set up some new Miis for them and Dad had a go at Frisbee, bursting balloons and playing with the dog. Mum had a go at bowling - started out by not being able to control the remote to bowl, I was trying to keep really patient so I said "Watch me first", after that she was fine and has totally blasted my high scores on the 10-pin and 100-pin bowling. I'm planning on getting another Wii remote with motionplus and Nunchuck so we can play more - and so I can beat them at something.

Hello again

Friday, May 8th, 2009 10:48 pm
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I'm still here, but of course you know that because although I haven't posted here for over a week, I've been commenting to posts and I've also been tweeting. I've also joined the Dreamwidth legion, but I only want it as a backup, I think things here on LJ are too well-established to suddenly flit away for somewhere new.

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Sunday, November 26th, 2006 06:01 pm
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Eeek! A whole week without posting. Well, it has been eventful - my sister's graduation on Wednesday was the main event - a good day, although I look thoroughly rained on in the pics and everyone else looks smart - cos they actually got to go to the ceremony, I had to wait under the shelter outside the cathedral and get rain blown on me. But I'm well pleased - and now when my Dad's mad aunt witters on about her children's and grandchildren's educational attainments, he can tell her that at least ALL his kids (ie both of us) have degrees, which is more than she can say. And we both have professional qualifications too.