Wednesday, September 9th, 2009


Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 06:21 pm
tourmaline: total solar eclipse, from a photo by NASA (Default)
I did a bit of studying this morning, feel like I'm being pulled back into Uni work, it's a bit less intellectually demanding than last year's course (ie because I've done last year's course) & there's an assumption that the course is the first OU course for many people. This is all the theoretical stuff about air pressure and changes to air pressure and the results - ie wind and clouds. Next chapter is more in-depth on clouds.

Mother & Father are buying a new car, one that's car-shaped rather than Chelsea Tractor-shaped. Dad says it's got lots of gadgets on that he has no idea what for or will probably not use, such as an MP3 player. Their current car came with a picnic table folded up in the base of the boot, which is not something you need to be a geek for.

They were out at the dealership for much of the afternoon, so I set up the Wii in the lounge on the big TV (disadvantage: it's about half a metre closer to the floor than any other TV in the house, takes some getting used to with the Wii) to play Sports Resort. When they came home, I set up some new Miis for them and Dad had a go at Frisbee, bursting balloons and playing with the dog. Mum had a go at bowling - started out by not being able to control the remote to bowl, I was trying to keep really patient so I said "Watch me first", after that she was fine and has totally blasted my high scores on the 10-pin and 100-pin bowling. I'm planning on getting another Wii remote with motionplus and Nunchuck so we can play more - and so I can beat them at something.