Long Weekend

Sunday, July 5th, 2009 11:36 pm
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I am - shock, horror - using up annual leave by having last Friday and tomorrow off.

I went to Birmingham on Friday, after hoping for rain all week I got rained on going for the bus, and then rained on again in Birmingham. Absolutely no-one had any air-con on in their premises in Birmingham, despite the fact that it was still seriously humid. At one point it was raining really hard it was almost a river going down from the top of the bullring to St Martin's, so instead of going out in it to cross to the shops on the other side of the Bullring I bought an iced coffee thing from EAT and devoured it while watching the rain. It had lessened by the time I went out in it, but people were still dashing about in fear as if rain were radioactive.

Aside from the iced coffee (and lunch of a filled taco in the Pavilions food court), I spent lots and it was all well spent. Bought some jeans (fab, they fall down a bit but the next size smaller would saw me in half) and some undies from M&S, some little slabs from Hotel Chocolat and some jellybeans from Selfridges. For the first time ever I saw spaces at the sushi bar in Selfridges, but I'd just had breakfast and wasn't in the mood for sushi. I also bought plenty of toiletries from M&S and Body Shop, old-fashioned scented stuff cos I'm an old-fashioned girl when it comes to toiletries. Set off for home about half past one - shopping like a stereotypical girl just doesn't hold my interest like it used to.

Had another go on the Wii Fit this afternoon. I was only going to do half an hour of yoga and balancing, just enough to justify setting the thing up, but stayed for an hour. Actually setting it up isn't as big a deal as it once was, having the bag for the console instead of the original box helps. I managed to get across the tightrope! Jumped over the chompy thing and landed back on the rope. But only once though. Also completed all levels of the balls-in-the-hole game, did a few more yoga positions for the first time, and tried some new stuff: advanced hula hooping (I am fab at), snowboarding (I am rather unfab at), and the penguin catching the fish on the iceberg (I absolutely love). Did some of the usual stuff too, only did the step routine twice but I have the music in my head now. Good to have more stuff unlocked and to be looking forward to doing some more - I packed it up because I was getting tired and it was obvious I wasn't doing things as well as I could.

House and Kingdom are both on at 9pm on Sundays in the UK. It was the House ep about the emancipated minor, towards the end when she actually tells the truth to House, I was watching Hugh's face - not just OMG what amazing blue eyes, but you could see everything in his face. I mean, most actors would do their shocked face, then their I-have-an-idea face, then their hopeful face. Hugh does shocked and upset and what-about-your-mom-and-dad and you-can't-do-this and I-have-an-idea and that's-really-fucking-terrible and he does it all at once and everything in quick succession, because that's how people experience emotions in real life, they come all at once or all in a tumble and jumbled up and they land hard but you still have to do your job or whatever. It sounds obvious but I don't know of any other actor who actually shows this on screen. Hugh is amazingly talented but he also works bloody hard, that's why he's the best.

My mum kindly tapes Kingdom for me, however - slightly less kindly - she told me what happened at the end when I went to get my tape. Grrr! But even more Grrr-making is the wet and weedy people that appear to populate Market Shipborough. The main characters are OK, they need to give Celia Imrie something proper to do before she hijacks the production and brings in Victoria Wood to write an episode - and Hermoine Norris was so funny and brilliant in tonight's ep. But the populace at large - ie the people who appear in only one episode - are so whiny and miserable and say things like "Oh Mr Kingdom, my life won't be worth living without winning this case" and he says "Well you just leave it to me, I'll kiss it all better" and you think NO! Call Doctor House. He will tell them the truth. He will tell them what pathetic idiots they are. I really want to see it happen.

I have one day's worth of freedom left. Not sure what to do yet. But I won't be getting up early.