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Sunday, June 28th, 2009 03:32 pm
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My Wii Fit and the accessories I'd ordered arrived in the week. They all came to work on the same day, and luckily fit in my car. I ordered the Wii Fit, plus a blue silicone cover for the board (I figured it would be easier to keep clean), a bag for the board, a shoulderbag for the Wii console, and a yoga mat & bag. I am incredibly pleased with all of them.

I tried out the Wii Fit on Wednesday, just to check it was all working etc, and played some of the balance games. Fabulous! Then yesterday I had my first major play, doing some exercises from all four groups. Some are utterly brilliant, some are fun but I'm not very good at them, and some are really fustrating. Mostly I love how these things are set, ie the graphics, the cheering crowds, and so on. Some of it's a bit cheesy but it's always fun.

Yoga I did the breathing exercise, the sun exercise and a balancing exercise. I like yoga cos I got really good results, three or four stars each time. Said I had good balance.

Balance Games I tried the balls-in-the-hole game again, and one one time I got past the S-shape board. Am definitely getting better. Did OK at the football headers, but they come too fast for me. The tightrope walking continues to utterly fustrate me. Maybe if the first level was just about getting across the tightrope in the required time it would be better, having to jump over the chompy thing is my failing every time.

Skiing Managed to get my first penalty-free run of the slalom, my results for this are generally all over the place but it is fun. But I find if you start out lousy, it's difficult to correct it further down.

Ski Jump I love how steep this looks on the introductory graphics, ie so steep you would run away in fear if you saw it in real life. But I love this game, and I got a few jumps of more than 100 metres in.

Hula Hooping I had a hula hoop as a child and I was always good at it, so am well used to the swing-your-hips thing. I love the cheesy dancers in the background, but I can only catch hoops from one of them.

Jogging Well, I completed this one. Not particularly well, it kept criticising my rhythm and my fluctuating speed. But I like the setting of running round the grounds of a big old house. And I'm glad they have a bar at the bottom showing you how far you are, ie half-way round, three-quarters. Wonder how far it actually corresponds to in metres.

Step ZOMG I loved this! I like step, I went through a big step phase at one point. Step is a good workout but you do need stamina to keep up for a whole class. On the Wii, the step (ie the balance board) is smaller than a normal step, and it's just one routine of a few minutes, but it scores you as to how many of the steps you kept up with & how well. It has those foot diagrams - like the old-fashioned floor guides for ballroom dancing - that scroll on the screen, and the setting is a bunch of steppers onstage doing a routine in unison, with the crowd cheering them on. I think I went through this one about six times in a row, gradually getting better, but I kept repeating it because it was so much fun to do and to watch rather than as a concerted attempt to get better at the exercise.

I managed 1 hour 1 minute in the time piggybank (which always looks like a toaster to me), unlocked a few more things, but still have a fair bit left to investigate. My calves are a bit achy today, which is usual for me, my calves need LOTS of stretching before & after and it seems I didn't do quite enough. But am looking forward to getting on the Wii Fit again, hopefully I can do some more before next weekend.