Wow Wii!

Saturday, June 6th, 2009 08:18 pm
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About three-quarters of the way through my course, I decided a treat for finishing the whole thing would be in order, and with my lack of gym activity I decided I'd treat myself to a Wii console and a Wii Fit. A few weeks ago, I heard my sister was selling hers, so I managed to buy the console for £100 - a good price considering she only bought it herself at Christmas. Only downside (it's not that much of a downside really) is that I have to set it up in the extension because that's the only place with a TV and enough room to play the game. And, I had to wait until the new roof over the extension was finished and the room was put back into place.

So, even though I bought the Wii a couple of weeks ago, today was my first real go at using it. And I loved it! It just has the Wii Sports games, a disc with five sports - Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Bowling, and Boxing - but I had so much fun, but varying success:

  • Tennis - really enjoyed this but not particularly good at it yet, however am making progress

  • Golf - OK, not very good at it because I can't co-ordinate the controller

  • Baseball - rather rubbish at this but then I was rubbish at rounders at school; but this one is fun to watch the little Wii people tootling round the pitch

  • Bowling - I can do this rather well on both hands

  • Boxing - my favourite! Good for working up a sweat (literally), managed a few KOs, including an opponent who looked like a younger Bruce Forsyth.

I'm going to get a Wii Fit game & board from Amazon, but I'm wondering how necessary the accessories are that they sell. I think I should get a yoga mat, given that the floor in the extension is carpet tiles on concrete, and I want to get a bag to store everything is because I'm sure it's more convenient than trying to get everything back in the original storage box. But I'm wondering about the other things they have, like a silicone cover for the board for example. If anyone can offer any guidance, I'd be grateful to hear what you've bought and whether it lived up to expectations, any specific storage bags recommended for example.

I'm also looking at the other games - I'm only interested in the exercise/activity stuff, and there's a game called Sports Resort that's due for release at the end of next month available to pre-order on Amazon which looks very good - stuff on a water scooter, bicycle, archery, some kind of fencing game - all with a bright tropical blue backdrop. Maybe I'll go for that too.