Triple figures

Thursday, September 15th, 2016 03:24 pm
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Home from shopping (having a week's holiday at home) to see we've hit triple figures in the overall medals haul in the Paralympics, and an emphatic second place still on the table. However still some difficulty in getting enough reports together to put on my Tumblr, and this is with putting only the gold medallists on - I struggled with other medallists in 2012 as they would frequently not be reported, and the same is happening this time, unless they won silver or bronze behind a British gold medallist.

Am also totally loving The Last Leg, which is on much earlier this time - 8pm rather than 11pm - and I got a tweet liked by Jonnie Peacock when he was still in Rio, when I mentioned how much I liked his tutu. I'm still not sure why he was wearing a tutu but it was good. I think it's turning the Paralympics into the funkier, cooler sibling of the Olympics for me. I'm hoping it continues to air long-term, and in a decent timeslot as the next three Games are all in the same general area of the world - Beijing is the most westerly and they are eight hours ahead of GMT.

I Am Team GB

Saturday, August 27th, 2016 03:28 pm
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In celebration of our recent Olympic success, and in anticipation of Paralympic success, and in the hope of getting more people playing sport and getting active, today is I Am Team GB day, with events being held across the country, featuring various members of Team GB from Rio 2016 and before. I went to the one at the stadium near me, it was a good fest but there wasn't a great deal have-a-go stuff for adults - the only child-free opportunity was with the netball, which I signed up for, but they were running behind so it must have gone on without me. I did see the Team GB people arrive - Liam Heath and Jon Schofield (canoe sprint) wore their medals from Rio, and joined in stuff with the kids, such as the wall-climbing and the tennis. Kristian Thomas (gymnastics) joined in the tumbling with the kid's gymnastics club and got them all doing a Mexican wave but with a somersault instead of a wave. First time he did a tumbling sequence along the mat (somewhere between a crashmat and an inflatable mat) he overshot the end and landed on the crashmat right near me.

The other Olympian was Dame Kelly Holmes (athletics) and I queued up for the photo op, and had my photo took with her and Kristian Thomas:

I Am Team GB

It was also the first time I've been to the stadium, I didn't go during London 2012 (they hosted football preliminaries along with a handful of other places across the country) and I've never seen the football or rugby teams there. But it might be nice to, one day.

So far

Friday, August 12th, 2016 09:11 pm
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So far it's been pretty good for Team GB at the Rio Olympics - currently 6 golds, 8 silvers, 6 bronze - 20 in all, 4th on the medal table behind USA, China, & Japan. We're at the start of velodrome coverage so hopefully that will increase. It felt a bit tentative on Tuesday, as it was mentioned that we'd had more 4th places than any other nation, but then Wednesday was a productive day. It's not easy to watch much of the time, especially in cycling - Team GB are so strong but you can never underestimate the competition, everyone else (especially Australia) would love to beat us to gold I'm sure. But it has been good to see Team GB winning new medals, we've won our first gold in diving and today our first ever medal in trampolining.

One concern I can see is that there are lots of empty seats, if there are any sell-out sports they're still to come (which is understandable as the athletics only started today). During the men's road race last weekend there was a point where lots of the cyclists disappeared off to the side for a pee stop, the BBC commentator pointed out that this would never happen in the UK as there would always be far too many fans lining the route.

I bought an Amazon Fire stick today so I can watch Olympics coverage late at night, as the TV in my bedroom has until now only had a DVD connected, no other broadcast receiver plugged in. It was very easy to set up. Because I wanted it quickly I went with the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, hoping for some good free movies to watch after the Olympics, but all I've found is Paddington and a film about Queen Victoria. It's just like back in the early 1980s when we first started renting videotapes, going into the video store hoping for a decent (or at least recent) film and finding a load of titles you've never heard of before. I've no plans to continue with a Prime subscription once the trial is up, so it'll be a one-off purchase, cheaper than a second cable box (albeit with fewer channels).
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Kelly Gallagher wins alpine skiing gold

As the Paralympics began, I wondered if this time, we had a chance of winning our first ever Winter Paralympic gold medal. Today we did! Kelly Gallagher and her guide Charlotte Evans won gold, with Jade Etherington and Caroline Powell winning bronze to add to their downhill silver from Saturday.

Three days in, and Great Britain has already surpassed its overall medal target for the Sochi Paralympics. Our Curlers are doing well too, third on the table so far. Unfortunately Channel 4 aren't in the BBC's league when it comes to widespread coverage.

I had to buy a new mug today to replace my chipped one at work and in commemoration of today's historic sporting achievements I chose one with a Union Jack pattern.
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The Women's Modern Pentathlon has just finished, with Team GB winning silver - so we've medaled at every Women's Modern Pentathlon since it became an Olympic sport in 2000 - giving Team GB one gold and two silvers on the final day, with two medals in the men's boxing. A total of 65 medals, 29 of them gold, a comfortable third on the medal table which even winning all the sparkly events meant Russia couldn't catch us.

The Closing Ceremony starts in just over an hour's time if you're in the stadium, or two-and-a-half hour's time if you're watching on TV. I don't want to look back too hard on the Olympics until they're well and truly over, but I'm so thrilled and proud at how fabulous it's all been. Really, it's been awesome beyond anything I could imagine before they started. We've got a bit of a break after they finish, then on 29 August the Paralympics starts.
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Only a couple of days or so of the Vancouver Winter Olympics left.

I have seriously loved the crowds at these Games. IDK if it's a winter thing, ie the cold effectively weeds out the gobshites, but all the crowds I've seen have been awesome and not in the least obnoxious, which happens from time to time at Summer Games, there's always one unspeakable making their presence known at most major venues. However, this time everyone has been great, everyone has had so much fun it seems, everyone cheering for their nation's competitors but being seriously appreciative of other competitors too.

Only negative thing - sounds bitchy I know, but - have any of the women curlers been near a hair salon ever? They all seem to have such unfortunate hair, like it's not been attended to since it grew out of a style a year ago. Even the Canadian woman who looks exactly like an older version of Thirteen could do with a visit to the hairdressers.

On the other hand, have you seen the women skiiers? They are all so pretty! It must be all the fresh mountain air, they all seem to have bright sparkly eyes and soft glowing cheeks and look cute underneath a woolly hat.

Was watching the bobsleigh earlier, was cool to see that the Brake for Great Britain I is Allyn Condon, who was a sprinter at Sydney 2000, only the second British person to compete at Summer and Winter Olympics (the first also being a sprinter-turned-bobsledder). Less cool was to see them crash and slide over the finish line on their sides. Bah. But from an interview it seems they're eager to get back to the track tomorrow even though their chances of worrying the top sledders have faded. Have decided I rather like bobsled, they all seem very nice-looking young men, sort of a cross between oarsmen and astronauts (ie enormous muscles, not a gram of fat anywhere, with a touch of Young-Officer-and-Gentleman about them).

Hee, watching the Curling because there's nothing else on. Thirteen keeps staring deep into the camera :D