Saturday in Town

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 04:44 pm
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I went into town today, as we have always said. In other words, I went into the city centre to do some Christmas shopping. I went on the bus, having originally planned this so I'd be out of the way while my road is closed for resurfacing. However, that's been delayed until Monday so I'll have to leave early for work.

I managed to get the things I wanted - Christmas cards, an advent calendar, a 2017 diary - plus a few other bargains from Wilko including blueberry shower gel and Vimto lipbalm. I also visited the art gallery for their Brick Wonders exhibition - basically lots of Lego recreations of famous world vistas and other things, such as our local cathedral, the International Space Station, and a massive Lego airport.

Am also wondering if I've got a cold coming or if this is just the effects of the weather getting colder but not cold enough to be into a regular routine with the central heating. I've been putting it on for about an hour most evenings, and I've had the fire on a few times also. It's the beginning of half term week here now and I'm determined that winter cannot be sighted until half term is well and truly behind us.

Also last night saw the first episode of QI's N series, the first edition with Sandi Toksvig in the chair instead of Stephen Fry. I do miss Stephen and I think I always will, but Sandi is awesome.
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I have accomplished many grown-up things over the past week or so. Such as (in an entirely random order):

  • Banished Norton from my laptop as it kept blocking stuff from the Internet and wouldn't let me fix it. Begone!

  • Last weekend I assisted Dad in fixing the light and the plug socket in the shed. Tonight I mowed the lawn (delayed from Wednesday) with the lawnmower plugged into the socket in the shed

  • I have bought furniture! The sofa will be delivered "within eight weeks", the chairs I bought home today and assembled myself

  • I've also bought a Spiderman cup, plate and dish for my niece to use when she's here. Sssh, she doesn't know yet :)

  • I bought More Fool Me on Monday and read it all on Monday night. Good to read the full stories of a few anecdotes I last heard many years ago, and there are several photos of Hugh Laurie's eldest son as an adorable tiny tot. And I was honestly not aware that (cut for spoiler) ). I did know about Stephen Fry's drug use, it's funny how the Daily Mail are frothing about it now, I think back when it was first revealed they were still too preoccupied trying to work out how he could be both gay and celibate

  • I have become a good and diligent(ish) Doctor Who viewer. Still cannot see Peter Capaldi's Doctor and not think of House. And worked out that Mr Squaddie-turned-Teacher was Fingers in Gavin & Stacey

  • I have bought, and used, Pledge spray to clean my wood so that it is nice and shiny and woody

  • I have also researched for, and bought, a microwave oven. Used it once properly so far

  • The third househunter in our team and his partner now have the keys to their house. I'm really pleased that there were several of us moving house in the same season, the conversations have been fun. Consequently there are long discussions in our office about decorating, furniture etc alongside the usual conversations about work, Doctor Who, and Peppa Pig.

    And hurrah for new QI! First ep lineup looks good, second ep less so.
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The first episode of Series J of QI was on TV a couple of hours ago. Good to have the show back.

Discussion of Series J, with spoilers )

I've often tried to figure out who my ideal QI panel would be. Last time I tried, I got it down to about five shows' worth. Anyway, because no-one's asking, my favourite panellists are: Jo Brand, Bill Bailey, Sandi Toksvig, Dara O'Briain, Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell, Ronnie Ancona, Jack Dee, Ross Noble, John Sessions, Phill Jupitus, Sue Perkins, Andy Hamilton, Professor Brian Cox, Eddie Izzard, Robert Webb, Hugh Dennis & Liza Tarbuck. That's eighteen panellists whom I think are the best on it (Hugh Laurie was adorable but panel games aren't really his forte, he's better at acting, writing, directing and being a blues musician), plus there are others who are better depending who the other panellists are (Sean Lock is the most obvious example) who I'm quite happy to watch. And of course Linda Smith is missed. But eighteen panellists is enough for six shows, so there's a rich pool of talent there, I hope the new people appearing on Series J add to this.

Summer Ending

Sunday, September 4th, 2011 05:54 pm
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Not sure when autumn officially starts, but I think today is the last day of summer in a way. The schools start back tomorrow, which means I can no longer take the relaxed attitude towards getting up, getting ready and going out to work that I've had for the past few weeks. Pedestrians and traffic will be back in great numbers.

Also it's one week until my uncle arrives from Australia for a two-week visit. They'll all be decamping to Cornwall for a week during the visit, so I'll get the place to myself for a bit, but the visit itself was only sprung on me a week ago, I don't know how long it's been planned for. My concern is getting enough sleep during the weekdays my uncle is here - the neighbourhood dogs' recent tendencies to bark late into the night, coupled with my uncle's jetlagged early rising mean less hours for me to get a decent night's sleep. I hope both can be contained to a minimum.

Am hoping to take some time off while they're all away, but this month we have major changes at work and it's also blood donation time in a couple of weeks, so there's limited flexibility for taking time off. However, Fridays are more fully available again as we've had notice from our Yoga teacher that classes aren't going to restart after the summer break - not surprising, I think it was getting to a point where she wasn't making any money from us, too many people had dropped out for health reasons or long-term leave or had left the organisation. Her company's classes are generally held around my area, so I'm going to see what she has on and when. I'd like to go to Kettlebell classes, she used to teach them but had to find another venue, if they're back on again and not on a Wednesday I might sign up.

It's also definitely the end of Summer because the Autumn TV programming is starting up. This includes QI, which is back next Friday, despite the first episode having Lee Mack on the panel. Ugh, he is not funny at all. He's like the one in a new crowd of people you meet who thinks he's "the funny one" when actually he's just very annoying and totally unfunny.
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Day 106 Two pics today, because I can't choose between them. Both of the same thing.

Blue Sky Clear Blue Sky

Blue skies overhead at work, with no contrail clouds. We're under the flight path for Birmingham International Airport, so while there are no planes flying I thought I'd better record the phenomenon for posterity.

Today was good at work. Good work-wise, in that I finished a draft of a page for our online manual (it was my idea to write it), and our Chief Exec has released the report that wins me (and a couple of others) £50 in our staff suggestions scheme - I suggested we should use Twitter - which we do now, but not much. I've written some stuff about how we could be using it more, and I have another report to write on the topic. It was good food-wise, the little shop at the end of the road has taken to calling at all the places on the business park to sell its lunches direct, I bought a Piri Piri Chicken salad sandwich, it was delish and filling, will be shopping with them again definitely. Some of the others partook of the greasy spoon run, D had an especially good (or bad) food day cos he had a bacon sandwich for lunch and an ice cream in the afternoon. Now that it's no longer winter, the ice cream van tours at around 3pm. S told us the story of her daughter's then-boyfriend's discovery of 99s, he's from Spain and he came back to their house full of rapture for this magnificent new ice cream delicacy he'd encountered that day and OMG they're amazing have you heard of them? S had to explain how commonplace they are, and how every British child has a photograph of them covered in melted ice cream from when they were too small to eat a 99 quickly enough.

Since coming home, I've been for a power walk - half an hour, not very powery but up & down hills cos that's my local topography. And my new pedometer is lying, I walked further than 390 metres and burned more than 19 calories I'm sure. And there's a new QI (albeit a compilation) on tonight - which would be great if I hadn't burned the previous one to a disc cos I thought it was the final episode. I wanted them to be on the same disc but I can't do that now, it won't copy back onto the hard drive. Boo.


Thursday, February 25th, 2010 09:28 pm
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Day 56 Almost forgot to take a pic! Am in the middle of a TV recording 'marathon', so here is my cable box and Combi:


The 'marathon' is an episode of Steptoe and Son, QI XL, and will finish with Fawlty Towers. Yay.

New Connection

Friday, February 6th, 2009 07:52 pm
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My wireless router died last night. So I had to get another at lunchtime. Far from the simple setup it promised, it took an hour on the phone with the woman at the helpline to get it working.

But it works now. Please keep your fingers crossed (as I am) that it stays working, cos no Internet = no fun.

And it's QI tonight, right? All the "excitement" of routers and snow days I've barely given it a thought :)

Woe (Still)

Friday, January 23rd, 2009 08:03 am
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My cold isn't getting any better. Thankfully I discovered that a mini ice pack (made from the little plastic shapes you put in drinks to keep them cold without ice) is a good way of soothing swollen painful sinuses. I shoved the unused ones into a Thermos flask so I can keep them upstairs overnight, as they're usually kept in the freezer which is for all intents & purposes outside the house & therefore not particularly accessible at 2am when you have no energy and no will to get through all the locked doors. But still not getting much sleep, and I think it's spreading to my throat. A smoothie works there, but I'll have to hope someone is planning a trip to the shops to keep me stocked up. I also have an Innocent Veg Pot which I'd bought for lunch at work one day in the week which needs eating up. They're delicious, so should be good.

Tonight is new QI and Stephen Fry is on the Jonathan Ross Show. I hope they're both good, can't remember who is on QI tonight, some of the regulars I think. I hope my cold doesn't last, otherwise I'll get behind on Uni work - my get-aheads have nearly disappeared thanks to taking a complete break for the Squeee Odyssey and now this. It's really interesting stuff without equations to learn so I'll try & do some more reading before the weekend is over.

Rotten Cold

Friday, November 14th, 2008 03:33 pm
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I have a crappy rotten cold. Just when I don't need one, when I'm supposed to be enjoying my holiday and getting loads done and being awesome at physics.

Woke up feeling a little better than yesterday, but throat very sore and ears blocked. Can't taste much unless it's highly flavoured, so am holding on the Jellybeans and Hotel Chocolat goodies until I can taste them. Am downing the paracetamol and lucozade at the prescribed regular intervals, they got me up & to the shops and back to buy food, and am part-way through the laundry so hopefully they'll see me through to the end of that.

Hope I have enough energy to stay up to see the shuttle launch (12.55am tonight my time), have downloaded some wallpapers - here - and also it's Children In Need tonight, and there's a brand new QI on at 10pm. I'm trying to keep a little busy, doing stuff and planning stuff, cos otherwise I just go "oh noes my poor throat my poor nose oh woe".

Icon Assortment

Sunday, October 14th, 2007 12:03 am
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A whole bunch of icons I've made recently.

1-8: Jewellery
9-20: QI Series E, Episode 4
21-24: Lens Distortion by Rinalias (Icon Tutorial)
25-36: A Bit Of Fry And Laurie: Bushwallyta


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Full set here )

OMG QI!!!!

Friday, September 21st, 2007 11:25 pm
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Just watched eps 1 & 2 of QI Series E!!

Cut for spoilers )

Random Stuff

Saturday, July 21st, 2007 09:55 pm
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It's gone really cold tonight. Yesterday we didn't get any of the mad rain, but some friends who live in South Warwickshire faced a long diverted drive home.

This picture was taken in Coventry, but I don't recognise it - it looks like it could be near the city centre, going by the car park and the churchy-type building in the background.

I'm watching a videotape of 8 hours worth of various QI eps I've taped since last winter, but I think one ep is duplicated :(

I've downloaded loads more 8bf plugins, and also a copy of VCW VicMan's Photo Editor, which I used to have on the old PC about four years ago. So lots of playing around with graphics filters, have about 400 interpretations of some rustic roses so far, and lots more to come.

It stopped raining enough for me to take some photos of the garden this afternoon. Took about 50 in 15 minutes.

My current lipsalve (Gator Gubba SPF15 Pineapple-Vanilla flavour) appears to have lasted forever, as I don't need to use it very often. Which would be fine if it was a nicer flavour.

Out of all the Emmy Nominations that House has garnered, the one I think most likely to win is David Morse for Outstanding Guest Appearance. But I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope Hugh wins too!!!