Triple figures

Thursday, September 15th, 2016 03:24 pm
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Home from shopping (having a week's holiday at home) to see we've hit triple figures in the overall medals haul in the Paralympics, and an emphatic second place still on the table. However still some difficulty in getting enough reports together to put on my Tumblr, and this is with putting only the gold medallists on - I struggled with other medallists in 2012 as they would frequently not be reported, and the same is happening this time, unless they won silver or bronze behind a British gold medallist.

Am also totally loving The Last Leg, which is on much earlier this time - 8pm rather than 11pm - and I got a tweet liked by Jonnie Peacock when he was still in Rio, when I mentioned how much I liked his tutu. I'm still not sure why he was wearing a tutu but it was good. I think it's turning the Paralympics into the funkier, cooler sibling of the Olympics for me. I'm hoping it continues to air long-term, and in a decent timeslot as the next three Games are all in the same general area of the world - Beijing is the most westerly and they are eight hours ahead of GMT.
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Kelly Gallagher wins alpine skiing gold

As the Paralympics began, I wondered if this time, we had a chance of winning our first ever Winter Paralympic gold medal. Today we did! Kelly Gallagher and her guide Charlotte Evans won gold, with Jade Etherington and Caroline Powell winning bronze to add to their downhill silver from Saturday.

Three days in, and Great Britain has already surpassed its overall medal target for the Sochi Paralympics. Our Curlers are doing well too, third on the table so far. Unfortunately Channel 4 aren't in the BBC's league when it comes to widespread coverage.

I had to buy a new mug today to replace my chipped one at work and in commemoration of today's historic sporting achievements I chose one with a Union Jack pattern.
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We had a change to the routine at work this afternoon, as a bunch of us in my team attended a lecture given in memory of our late Chief Executive, who died a year ago. It was held at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and luckily a colleague volunteered to drive - as we ended up travelling through a few underpasses in Birmingham city centre and down Broad Street, I was quite relieved. The Botanical Gardens were very nice, although we didn't get to see a great deal, it was clear there's plenty to see on a more general visit.

The guest speaker was Karen Darke, winner of a silver medal at the Paralympics in the hand cycling time trial, and was fourth (fractionally behind team-mate Rachel Morris, they crossed the line joining hands & registered the same time) in the H1-3 road race. She talked about her life and career, about mountaineering both before and after she broke her spine, and about getting involved in paracycling and making the team for London 2012. While I didn't get to meet her properly (nor did I get to meet our late CEO's father or sister, nor some of the other people in attendance I would've liked to) I did see her Paralympic medal up close:

Karen Darke's Paralympic Silver Medal

It's very heavy! I guess for people like Sarah Storey who won several medals, all the training for their sport gives them the serious neck & shoulder muscles necessary to wear multiple medals at once for more than a minute.

After the talk, we all had tea and cakes (ie coffee, a little sandwich and two little cakes in my case). The plan is for this to be an annual lecture event, and in a bigger venue next year as there were lots of people who really wanted to attend but had prior arrangements. I think today it got off to an excellent start.

That Was It

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 12:38 pm
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So our wonderful summer of sport is now complete - and as it began with Bradley Wiggins' Tour de France win, it ended with Andy Murray's US Open win, and in between the awesome Olympics and Paralympics.

I had a major sad on Sunday at not having been a GamesMaker, despite being told I reached the required standard and despite it being my dream since I was 11 to work at a home Olympics (there was a behind-the-scenes feature during coverage of the Los Angeles Olympics about people working at the athletes' village). Even now, while I'm not sad that the Games have ended - they were always going to end, obviously, and I wanted to be able to look back and say 'we did it, and it was awesome' - I'm sad I couldn't be involved more. Driving to Sainsburys yesterday, I noticed they'd removed the banners on the main roads going into town with all the Olympics symbols on. But I'm not accepting that summer is over just yet, as I still haven't worn my maxi dresses anywhere. I have this week off, we might be going out with my sister & my niece this afternoon, then I have two more days to sort something fun. Hopefully I will have something to write up about here by the weekend.


Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 07:35 pm
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The Paralympics is going so awesomely, ParalympicsGB currently in a good second place (behind China, naturally) with 22 golds, 29 silvers, and 23 bronze medals. TV coverage is on Channel 4 rather than BBC, and while I'm still not completely happy (no coverage of rowing, archery, sailing amongst others) the commentators don't witter on inanely like many of them did during the Olympics.

If you're in one of those countries whose Paralympics coverage is so failtastic it could be in danger of compromising future Games bids (you know who, the same country whose Navy I had to prod on Twitter cos they hadn't congratulated their double medallist, a wounded veteran who was regarded by many as one of the Navy's best ever swimmers), you can watch online at Also I've found the Telegraph to be the best online coverage, I've been using their reports to link to a lot on Tumblr.

Unfortunately I'm not going to the Paralympics :( I did have an offer from a friend at work to see wheelchair rugby - this workfriend is the brother-in-law of Mandip Sehmi, one of ParalympicsGB's rugby players - but it was too much to rearrange at short notice, and our department will be half-empty this week as it is. But, a couple of other people (who don't have relatives who are Paralympians) are attending, so I'm looking forward to hearing from them about their Paralympics experiences.
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Another week and the Games will be upon us again. The final preparations for the Paralympics are in place, from the venues, the torch relay, and me - note the new userpic. Olympic rings across the country are being replaced with the Paralympic agitos, but I haven't heard that we'll get agitos near us - we may not, as the stadium hosted Olympics events but we won't be hosting anything for the Paralympics. I read yesterday that London 2012 is the first time the Games have had dual branding to this degree, and it does feel like the Paralympics will come of age in its ancestral home. And I am looking forward to seeing Mandeville, I prefer the colour blue to the colour orange so I'm inclined to favour Mandeville over Wenlock slightly, but overall I prefer to see them as a double act. Not sure what sports I might end up a fan of, like with the Olympics I want to watch as many different sports as possible to immerse myself in the experience, but a work colleague's brother-in-law is on ParalympicsGB's wheelchair rugby team (he was at Beijing 2008 too) so I will be looking out for him and hope he has a good Games.