Friday, January 1st, 2016 02:16 pm
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Ten years ago today I followed many of my friends on the Devoted to Hugh messageboards and set up my LiveJournal. The first post was short and sweet. I don't post very often these days but I'm glad I still come back occasionally, sometimes a longer post is required and it's nice to have somewhere quieter to retreat to.

So, 2016: the Road to Rio 2016 is already well-worn yet there's some distance still to go. Hoping for a decent defence of gold medals won at the Home Games, even though many have retired and many more will no doubt do so after Rio. It's likely to be a closer call in terms of the GB-Australia rivalry though.

Space: I notice Tim Peake looks well settled in on the ISS, his somersaults and flips are more controlled, which is a good indication he's used to moving around in microgravity. A crew swap in March will see the ending of the Year Long Mission, and the end of 2016 will see the launch of Thomas Pesquet, the last of the ESA Class of 2009 to go into space.

Work: Don't want to think about it. There's a reason we eat lots of cake and biscuits in our industry. One work-related highlight expected is a workfriend is to become a first-time Dad in the spring.

Home: I discovered this Christmas how much I prefer my own home-made versions of goodies to the shop-bought stuff. So in order to get them right for next Christmas I need to practice during the year. A friend gave me an afternoon tea recipe calendar for Christmas so I might try some things from that if I'm in the mood to make something new. Also, I am hoping I can actually grow some flowers this year instead of crabgrass.

Screen stuff: Certain articles are hinting that Peter Capaldi is about to give notice on his tenure as the Doctor. I think he's right not to stay too long but he's the best Doctor ever and I don't want him to go.

Been Busy Today

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 11:09 pm
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Day 1 of my five-day weekend began with a lie-in, of course, followed by a two-course breakfast - my usual cereal (with a cup of filter coffee), and a mushroom & spring onion omelette. Perhaps a bit too heavy on the mushrooms in relation to the onions, but spring onions (known to some as salad onions) are excellent in an omelette. Got the amount of butter right I think this time, and also remembered to season it first. It cooked well, I like them well done, perhaps will try a cheese & onion omelette over the weekend. Another good thing about omelettes is that the washing-up isn't too onerous.

In the afternoon we went to see my sister and Bean. Bean was happy and smiling as usual, she got a bit grumpy when she had her fingernails trimmed, but that's fine cos I was a bit grumpy at her attempt to gouge a piece of flesh out of my cheek with her sharp claws. She was also playing in her bouncy chair, which she absolutely loves, and with the Winnie-The-Pooh spinning top I bought her for Christmas.

I have also had a major sortout, one of the drawers in my chest of drawers collapsed, followed by another teetering on the edge, so in an effort to lighten their loads I have sorted out some clothes and other stuff (scented oil burners, candle-related items) to go to the charity shop. I also threw away loads of stuff, and discovered the real size of my toiletries bounty. This is the stock of toiletries I have built up by only buying stuff when it's on offer and so on, and was revealed to include four deodorant sticks, seven toothbrushes, five bottles of shampoo (plus a two-in-one), two tubes of handcream, and a collection of miniature things I'd swiped from the hotel we stayed at for that awful staff conference. Anyway, the drawers have had running repairs, which will become full repairs once some parts arrive, and I've now got a full large drawer free - but with items earmarked to be transferred there so as not to overload the others.

Have also heard that Discovery has had another extra day's extension, meaning she will have accumumated exactly 1 year in space overall by her retirement. Landing is due late next Wednesday afternoon my time, so I should be watching that online at work followed by a dash home through rush-hour traffic in time for Zumba. If there's a one-orbit waveoff I should know in time to leave work at the usual time, but no Zumba cos I'll be watching the landing.

Our Christmas Tree

Saturday, December 18th, 2010 06:18 pm
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Day 352 This is our Christmas tree, complete with assortment of decorations:

Our Christmas Tree

Most of them now date from the 1990s, a few survive from older days - such as the green bell and the pink and yellow slot-together star - and out of sight are the pair of bells I made at playgroup out of a polystyrene eggbox with glitter. And yes, that's my graduation picture from Warwick behind the tree.
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Day 329 This is our poinsettia plant, by day it lives on the kitchen windowsill and at night it lives in the cupboard under the stairs, as we've been told this is how the red leaves will develop - you can see they are beginning to do so:


I like poinsettias up to the point where they start to smell, but mostly they don't get that far in our house. And I prefer red to pink.

Fresh Carrots

Sunday, June 6th, 2010 02:18 pm
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Day 157 Dad picked these carrots about an hour ago. They're very nice, as evidenced by the half-carrot in the middle of the pic.

Carrots, Picked Today

The long straight carrot was grown inside an old Pringles container, the rest were in a regular vegetable trough. They're from a pack of mixed seeds of carrot varieities which are known for being paler colours than the usual vivid orange, and they taste a little lighter too, but still very carrotty.

Love Doves

Saturday, June 5th, 2010 06:31 pm
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Day 156 A pair of doves have perched on the rooftop of the birdhouse a they managed to stay still long enough for me to take a picture.

Love Doves

I like doves, they make a nice change from the pigeons who just come here to eat and get fat.

Red Rose Plate

Saturday, May 15th, 2010 05:48 pm
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Day 135 I just had lunch. This is an example of the plates we've had since the year dot:


I guess they were fashionable once, but now they're not particularly fashionable they still look OK. It's not like in the mid-1990s when citrus colours were everywhere, or emerald green & white was everywhere before that. Although maybe they'd look OK enough now.