Friday, January 1st, 2016 02:16 pm
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Ten years ago today I followed many of my friends on the Devoted to Hugh messageboards and set up my LiveJournal. The first post was short and sweet. I don't post very often these days but I'm glad I still come back occasionally, sometimes a longer post is required and it's nice to have somewhere quieter to retreat to.

So, 2016: the Road to Rio 2016 is already well-worn yet there's some distance still to go. Hoping for a decent defence of gold medals won at the Home Games, even though many have retired and many more will no doubt do so after Rio. It's likely to be a closer call in terms of the GB-Australia rivalry though.

Space: I notice Tim Peake looks well settled in on the ISS, his somersaults and flips are more controlled, which is a good indication he's used to moving around in microgravity. A crew swap in March will see the ending of the Year Long Mission, and the end of 2016 will see the launch of Thomas Pesquet, the last of the ESA Class of 2009 to go into space.

Work: Don't want to think about it. There's a reason we eat lots of cake and biscuits in our industry. One work-related highlight expected is a workfriend is to become a first-time Dad in the spring.

Home: I discovered this Christmas how much I prefer my own home-made versions of goodies to the shop-bought stuff. So in order to get them right for next Christmas I need to practice during the year. A friend gave me an afternoon tea recipe calendar for Christmas so I might try some things from that if I'm in the mood to make something new. Also, I am hoping I can actually grow some flowers this year instead of crabgrass.

Screen stuff: Certain articles are hinting that Peter Capaldi is about to give notice on his tenure as the Doctor. I think he's right not to stay too long but he's the best Doctor ever and I don't want him to go.
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For the first time ever, I didn't watch any of the Red Nose Day TV show on my television. After last time, where I had to sit through several hours of people I had either never heard of or thought had been banished for mediocrity in order to see ten minutes of proper stuff, I decided I wasn't fussed about watching. I did buy the T-shirt, the nose, the pin badge, and the George Michael single (and a pack of Stephen Fry Up crisps which probably taste nicer if you are hungry).

I do, however, have some 24 Hour Panel People to sit down and watch - this is David Walliams taking part in TV panel shows past and present for 24 hours in a row, I have QI, Give Us A Clue, Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Call My Bluff to watch. Also, there was the now-obligatory Doctor Who special short:

Under the cut, in two parts )

Also I heard John Prescott's reading of the Shipping Forecast which was so much yayness :D And apparently £74 million has been raised so far, which is super duper yayness. If anyone else knows of other Red Nose Day show YouTubery I should look out for, please let me know. I must admit to feeling so lame about not watching the show, like all those prissy schoolteachers who never watched and who thought Comic Relief Red Noses were so beneath them. I was hoping to be tuning in late on, ie after all danger of Davina MacCall had passed, I was going to watch 24 Hour Panel People highlights scheduled for midnight but someone tweeted to say there was an extended news bulletin so everything was being rearranged. Instead, I was listening to The Fry Chronicles, covering his university years, and all the now-world-famous actors he encountered, including a tall chap with blue eyes and blushing-red cheeks who said "Hullo", while tootling around Google Earth.

If you enjoyed the Doctor Who ep and want to see more of Matt Smith, you can see a whole lot more of him tonight at 9.30pm on BBC2 in a 90-minute TV film Christopher And His Kind, where he is "louche, saucy and naked" according to the Radio Times in the title role of Christopher Isherwood. Should be good. I was always sad I never got to see Alan Cumming's Cabaret, I feel like Isherwood is one of those writers I will be forever trying to catch up on.