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Earlier today I bit the bullet and deleted my LJ. I'd got everything backed up, and had tested a few communities and found I can still access icon creation journals without an LJ. Now I'm here on DW and have changed my layout design, but can't help feeling they're a bit meh compared to some of the really nice ones they had on LJ. I think this one is quite summery and very different from my previous layout, so hopefully I can keep this for a while and from all the new people coming to DW there will be someone who's a whizz at creating lovely layouts.

In other news I have watched The Night Manager all the way through twice since last weekend and would now like to watch Rev again, which I haven't seen for ages. And happy to report that Thomas Pesquet has landed safely back to Earth, meaning all the ESA class of 2009 (the Shenanigans) have now completed their first space missions.

Date: 2017-06-03 01:11 am (UTC)
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Oh, that's a lovely warm summery color! And it's funny -- I changed my own layout, literally last night, and it really is kind of a letdown to page through all the available patterns (and good god, there are a LOT) and not see very many with animals or landscapes like on LJ. And I'm not sure why that is -- there are quite a few very imaginative, creative people here.