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Thursday, December 1st, 2016 08:17 pm
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It's a whole week since this happened and I still can't get over how awesome it was. Last week, [profile] bmax67 and her family vacationed in the UK and on Thursday I travelled down to London to meet them!

My train gets into Euston station, so thanks to Google Street View venturing inside notable buildings like these we could arrange the exact spot to meet inside the station. And it worked! They were in various Doctor Who gear, having been at the Experience in Cardiff the day before. We walked down to the British Museum, passing through Russell Square on the way, past the little road that leads to the University of London's Senate House, best known in certain LJ communities for its role as Bertie Wooster's New York apartment block. It's funny now watching Jeeves & Wooster thinking they're just off Russell Square :)


The British Museum is huge, we may have covered 20% of it in a day. And contrary to its name there isn't a great deal British in there (at least not what we saw), many of the artefacts having been gathered from the British Empire back when it was a thing. We saw lots of things from Egypt, a typical example:


And the Elgin Marbles, still in place despite previous government's pledges to return them to Greece:


Here's [profile] bmax67 and myself outside the British Museum. I highly recommend a visit.


We then took a ride on a London bus, and we managed to get the prime spots upstairs at the front of the bus (a New Routemaster, so a great panoramic view). It was dark by the time we crossed the River Thames, and all the lights looked so magical (sorry, no photos, we were actually moving, unlike the first part of the journey). We also saw so many Christmas lights and a few theatre lights as we continued through Westminster. After walking up Whitehall, past the Cenotaph - where it occurred to me how I seem to always visit London for leisure in November - we parted ways so [profile] bmax67 and her family could recharge a little before their final evening in the UK, while I headed back towards Euston. And from Euston, over to Marylebone because services out of Euston were suspended just as we were about to leave, so I got on a crowded train up the Chiltern line.

Despite having achy knees that evening and the next day from walking all round the museum and then standing up on the train, it did not take the shine off the day. It was so great to meet [profile] bmax67 after knowing her online for so long - first at the Devoted to Hugh fan forum, then here, and now also on social media.