Friday, March 25th, 2016 05:54 pm
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Yes, I am still here, although I am more frequently found on the Wii Fit these days. And I'm still using Facebook like a proper Facebooky person. But as my last post was about Tim Peake and he's now more than halfway through his mission, I thought I'd better get back on here again so that the post on his EVA wouldn't then be directly followed by an end-of-mission post.

I have also been doing lots of cross-stitch, and finally completed the Edwardian Lady pattern I've been working on for 12 years, on and off. Appropriately the final stitches were done while I was watching a DVD of Upstairs Downstairs.

Edwardian Lady Framed

It's my birthday on Easter Monday, and in a bid not to wait until the last minute I'm having my parents and a few friends round for lunch. I'm making my own birthday cake, a mint chocolate cake pinched with permission from a friend's recipe. Hoping the buffet lunch I have planned will meet with my Dad's approval after his comments on my Christmas buffet that time. I have the following menu planned:

  • Sandwiches - cheese, roast turkey slices - plain so that it's easier to embellish

  • Salad bowl - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, nothing fancy

  • Crisps - Kettle ready salted

  • Carrot sticks, celery, pepper strips, with hummus and sour cream dips

  • Coleslaw

  • Sausage rolls and cheesy rolls

  • Garlic bread

  • Tomato relish, Branston pickle, salad cream, mayo - as people wish

I think that's enough for 6 or 7 of us. Hoping Dad won't grumble about the lack of pork pie and pickled onions, he can always go somewhere else for lunch if he's not happy. If I finish visiting people on Saturday early I might pop to Sainsburys and get a French stick, and just do buttered French stick rounds instead of the garlic bread.

I've got a schedule of things I need to do on each day so I'm prepared and don't miss anything out this weekend - which also includes visiting the aforementioned friends (it's his birthday today but they're out celebrating tonight) and my parents for an Easter egg swap.

Have also been enjoying The Night Manager, even though I doubt I'd have tuned in if Hugh Laurie wasn't in it. Spy dramas, no matter how brilliantly done, aren't my thing. But it's so good to see Hugh playing a properly evil baddie. And Olivia Coleman is awesome as always.