Spacey Leicester

Saturday, December 12th, 2015 07:00 pm
tourmaline: (ISS)
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It's a few weeks since my visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester, and since I'll probably be writing here about Tim Peake's launch and Christmas, I thought I ought to get typing about this.

Thing is, it was good, really very good in parts, but overall it wasn't utterly amazing, I think because the main exhibits are aimed at children who don't know very much about the Earth and space. For me, the best part was the movie show in the planetarium - an animated film about the origins of the universe. It was brilliantly done, lots of swirling round flying and then a Victorian/Edwardian travelling fair sideshow with the guy (voiced by Andy Serkis) explaining how we are all made of stardust.

There were a few other highlights:

A mock-up of the International Space Station's Harmony module

Helen Sharman's Sokol spacesuit

A tyre from Space Shuttle Endeavour, flown on STS-68

A thermal tile from Space Shuttle Atlantis, flown on STS-76

A model of a Soviet-era Soyuz

I also spent some time getting lost in Leicester City Centre, it must be ten years or more since I was last there and it has some new shiny shops, including one selling American Candy where I just about managed to get more JellyBellys in my bag to purchase than I scattered on the floor. I had wanted to go into WHSmiths to buy some Christmas cards and a 2016 diary, but I didn't pass one.