Last Of The Summer

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 09:31 pm
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So I was off work for eight days altogether to help out at Mum & Dad's, and came back to work on Monday.

Mum is doing really well, during my time helping out she got more agile and quicker, she's still restricted in terms of how she can or can't move and she has exercises to do daily. I helped out with stuff round the house, but not as much as I'd anticipated - it seems the two days Mum was home before my leave started meant they got a bit of a routine going without me. The result was I showed up between 10.30am and 11am, did a bit of cleaning or ironing, watched a bit of daytime TV (meh), tootled online via my tablet, and had lunch. Afternoons were spent watching Absolutely on Virgin On Demand after seeing Mum upstairs for her afternoon snooze/lie down/exercises. Despite some questionable (and loud) daytime TV, it was a nice relaxing time.

It pepped up a bit midweek last week - on Wednesday we went out for lunch to a pub in a tiny village in North Warwickshire - somewhere Mum & Dad go regularly, but it was new to me, and very nice - and a such a bright sunny day, with a huge blue sky. On Thursday we picked up my niece from school, the first time I've been to collect her since this school year started, so a different classroom to wait outside. We walked back to the car via the Deep Dark Wood (a little walkway through a small patch of wood next to the school, which is across the road from the city's major park). She was bouncing along all the time, totally full of beans and questions.

The downside to a break like this is having to go back to work :( Catching up with emails wasn't too tricky, but catching up with news in our industry has been something of a headache. So far workdays have been punctuated with wishing I was back ironing (or even watching not-very-funny repeats of Thora Hird-era Last Of The Summer Wine) at Mum & Dad's, especially with it being so autumnal compared to the end of the summer we got last week.

Meanwhile I am continuing to watch all my M*A*S*H DVDs and I have nearly finished my kingfisher cross-stitch. This will be followed by all the fuss of framing it and finding space on the wall for it. But then I can start the one my friends bought me for the birthday the year she was pregnant with their older son (he's 15 now).