Back With The Wii

Saturday, August 29th, 2015 10:23 pm
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After work yesterday I went round Mum & Dad's to see their new central heating system and shower (nice), and to pick up my Wii. Luckily it was still in the cupboard I last remembered it in, along with my big photo albums, which had hitherto been AWOL as I'd thought they were in my room somewhere.

I got the Wii set up this afternoon, once I figured out which way up to put the discs in, I was away. However, after a gap of almost four years, my performance on the various games is variable.

Snowboarding: I wasn't much good at this before and I'm not now, mainly because you can only set the board up to be right-footed and that's not me.

Ski-jumping: Did a couple of jumps that compare well to before, but my knees aren't fit enough to be consistent.

Slalom skiing: Not bad, a bit of practice and I'll be OK.

Air sports: Lots of points to gather but I've got all the easy-to-find ones, so this might be tricky.

Wakeboarding: OK, up to my previous level and hoping to improve.

Table tennis: Did OK at this.

Canoeing: Might be better with practice, but it was never one of my favourites.

Basketball: I wasn't great at this, but my knees are making me even more rubbish now.

Bowling: As good as before, if not better.

Archery: Good at this once I remembered how to work the controls properly.

Golf: Was OK, but not one I enjoy so much so probably won't get much better.

Frisbee golf: Was OK, but I never used to play it much.

Frisbee with dog: I'll practice this more because the dog is so cute, and I was really good at this at one point.

Cycling: Really enjoy this one. A bit more practice needed to get familiar with the routes again. Times not far off before.

Swordplay: Had my first fall from the platform in the duel! Well and truly beaten, but then I comfortably beat the lower-ranked player. Won both my speedslicing games in close-fought contests.

Power Cruising: Need to practice this, as I kept crashing into the ends of the hoops rather than getting through the big wide hoops themselves. Also on several occasions I couldn't see the next hoop as they only pop up shortly before.

There are some on the Wii Fit I didn't try - I forgot to try the hula hooping, and I didn't try any of the aerobic ones like the jogging or the step class (which I used to do lots). It's a bank holiday weekend so I might have a go on Monday.