The Big Hoot

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 01:38 pm
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I took a four-day weekend, starting Thursday, so I could go owl-spotting in Birmingham.

I've seen these spot-the-arty-thing in the news before, in other cities, so I was really pleased to have one close enough to visit. The Big Hoot is a fundraiser for Birmingham Children's Hospital, and features lots of owls (and owlets) around Birmingham City Centre and other notable places in the suburbs such as the airport, Cadbury World, etc. I stuck to the city centre and got a ton of photos, and I also managed to take lots of other general touristy photos.

Dr Whoot (Snow Hill Station) was my favourite
Dr Whoot

Priceless, sponsored by Lloyds Bank (one of many banks founded in Birmingham) tells the history of money

Delivered By Owl tells of some of Birmingham's greatest contributions to the world
Delivered By Owl

You can see the full set of my photos here. I have a work thing in Birmingham next week so hopefully I can get a few more photos, I didn't see the one that's in the Bullring because I only went in to get my JellyBellys from Selfridges.