Thursday, December 24th, 2015

Not Quite

Thursday, December 24th, 2015 01:06 pm
tourmaline: (christmas)
It's Chrismtas Eve, and while things are generally OK / good / very acceptable, little things continue to bug me. Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen and while wiping under the edge of the microwave, I cut my finger on something on the corner of the microwave. It was one of those cuts you don't think much of at the time because you don't realise what's happened until ten minutes later you look at your hand and see the blood. Thankfully not much, but it still had to be dealt with. Then I woke up this morning to the sound of the wheelie bin lorry and the realisation that I'd forgotten to put my bins out. They should be OK until next time - the refuse bin only has to go another week (assuming I don't forget again) but the recycling has two weeks to go. I don't think there will be too much wrapping paper here tomorrow so that should be OK, there will just be more empty pop bottles than usual.

Also this morning I discovered a proto-zit while washing my face. Got some TCP on it to stop it developing into a full-blown zit, which I really hate at Christmas, and is really stupid when you're 42. One year in my mid-teens I had a massive zit on the highest point of my right cheekbone for Christmas which was naturally much worse, but this is less understandable. Anyways, if you're travelling through the English Midlands and can smell TCP, it's me trying to nuke this thing on my chin.

Hopefully the crescendo was reached when I came downstairs - first I had a grovelling (but not grovelling enough) letter from my energy company to say they've reopened the complaint I made the first time they were useless. Then I clipped my laptop on the edge of the wall and it made horrible groany clockwork noises which took ages to settle down, but thankfully now they have. All remained functional throughout, I have some images to make for my blog which will appear in the New Year.

Tomorrow is the one day I don't mind setting an alarm for in the holidays. Hoping all will go well tomorrow and for whatever is planned the following day (ie it will likely be me falling in with other people's plans). Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!